Medical Therapeutic Yoga in Greensboro, NC

Many people today struggle with chronic pain and medical conditions that have a negative effect on their lives. Dr. Garner Pelvic Health provides several services in Greensboro, NC that promote pelvic health, including medical therapeutic yoga. This physical therapy resource can restore your health and fitness and improve your quality of life.

Restore Pelvic Health With Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Medical therapeutic yoga is a comprehensive system that delivers integrative and lifestyle medicine for holistic care. As a highly trained clinician, author, and educator, Dr. Garner created a medical therapeutic yoga course to help people recover from chronic pain rooted in pelvic health. This free course includes:

  • 34 guided video lessons
  • Breathwork
  • Blanket folding
  • Postures
  • Special tests and screening
  • Access to additional resources

If you’re struggling with pelvic or other forms of chronic pain, medical therapeutic yoga can help you recover. Allowing you to practice from the comfort of your home, in nature, or wherever you like, this free course combines biopsychosocial and rehabilitation care for the ultimate health and wellness experience.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga in Greensboro, NC

We Serve Patients In Greensboro, NC

Our practice proudly offers pelvic and orthopedic therapy in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the nearby areas. Greensboro has over 301,000 residents and is the county seat of Guilford County. It is home to several artistic and diverse locations, including The Bog Garden, World War Memorial Stadium, and the Greensboro Opera Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people and healthcare professionals frequently ask questions about our medical therapeutic yoga course. Here are a few questions we answer. 

Who Can Benefit From Medical Therapeutic Yoga?

The wonderful thing about medical therapeutic yoga is that anyone can reap the benefits. Yoga helps relieve back pain, improves strength and flexibility, and promotes relaxation. This course is a science-based course that combines the benefits of physical therapy with yoga techniques to improve fitness and overall health and wellness. Whether you’re a healthcare professional looking to help your patients or you’ve suffered from an injury, chronic back pain, or stress, this course can help you. 

What Are Your Credentials?

Dr. Garner has over 25 years of experience in the physical therapy and sports medicine. In 1995 she began practicing with a focus on people injury prevention and chronic pain. After linking chronic pain to pelvic health, she focused on using the power of yoga and integrative and functional medicine to optimize recovery.

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