Who We Are

Garner Pelvic Health is a specialty practice with board certified therapists who focus on tough to treat cases in pelvic and orthopedic physical therapy, including conditions like pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, postpartum recovery, post hip arthroscopy rehab, endometriosis, and interstitial cystitis. With over 60 years of combined experience, GPH offers the most comprehensive services for pelvic health in the Triad. We offer services for those local to the Triad and North Carolina as well as out of town individuals. Our Concierge Care program has welcomed individuals from multiple countries and states.

We are also a mentorship clinic – offering Business Coaching, Group Classes, and Clinical Mentorship. One of our most requested mentorship services is Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI). We are one of the few centers in the United States to offer this service, which also includes advances services in pelvic floor, orofacial, and orthopedic Dry Needling, Health and Wellness Coaching, Manual Therapy, Prenatal & Postpartum Care, LGBTQIA Pelvic Health, Menopause & Perimenopause Management, Prolapse Management & Pessary Fitting, Advanced Incontinence Care, Men’s Health, & Performing Arts (Voice, Dance, & Instrumentalists). Our founder is well known for advancing the practice of integrative physical therapy worldwide.  

Garner Pelvic Health is also a training center for professional continuing education and online fitness and wellness classes through its sister company, Living Well Institute. We offer Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates, Functional, Integrative, & Lifestyle Medicine for Prenatal, Postpartum, Menopause, Endometriosis, & Pain Management. Our therapists are also board certified in Athletic Training who specialize in orthopedic care, so we also have you covered whether you are a Performing Artist or amateur or Professional Athlete.

Our History

Founded by Dr. Ginger Garner, Garner Pelvic Health relocated to the historic Revolution Mill in Greensboro in 2019 after 21 years on the coast in North Carolina. From the Crystal Coast to the Piedmont Triad and beyond, patients and professionals alike seek out Dr. Garner for both her professional education and her personalized, unique approach to physical therapy and mindfulness-based care.

Dr. Garner started her first clinic in 2000 after treating people with chronic pain with yoga and realizing how much more effective it was than physical therapy alone. In 2004 she stopped accepting insurance because they were regularly denying care to her patients with chronic pain. Instead she opened one of the first physical therapy-yoga hybrid studios in the US, where she was able to offer lower priced care that reached more people, and was less burdensome in cost to the system and the patient.

She went on to author 2 bestselling textbooks and is now an internationally sought-after speaker and educator, known for her trailblazing work in Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine in Physical Therapy and Medical Therapeutic Yoga, as well as Voice to Pelvic Floor Care. Dr. Garner’s clinical expertise focuses on integrative care for voice to pelvic floor issues including endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, performing arts (voice, dance, and instrumentalists), post hip arthroscopy rehab, and sacroiliac joint pain. 

Garner Pelvic Health is known for its ability to tackle complex cases in pelvic health and orthopedics, and regularly engages in state and federal policy creation, therapist mentorship & training, and welcoming out of state patients struggling with unique injuries. She has now built a team of world class therapists at GPH; and is proud to be able to offer across the lifespan care – including preventative and wellness care.

Our Mission

To offer the highest level of care and the most advanced, cutting edge, comprehensive, evidence-based physical therapy and wellness care available today in pelvic health (which in our treatment philosophy must include vocal care) and orthopedics.

What Makes Us Different

  • We offer Integrative + Traditional Physical Therapy, which is more effective than physical therapy care alone.
  • We offer innovative continuing education and virtual group fitness and wellness classes, making us one of the few clinics in the US to offer in-person and virtual services.
  • We are one of the few physical therapy clinics in the US to offer Rehabilitative Lumbopelvic Ultrasound Imaging
  • We offer advanced services in Functional, Integrative, & Lifestyle Medicine
  • Our therapists go above and beyond – they are not just doctors of physical therapy, they are also certified and have advanced training in:
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga/Professional Yoga Therapy
  • Pilates
  • MSK Ultrasound Imaging
  • Endometriosis & Interstitial Cystitis 
  • Treating the Musician & Dancer
  • Health Coaching
  • Athletic Training & Sports Rehab
  • Dry Needling
  • Lifestyle Medicine
  • Mindfulness & Stress Reduction
  • Our founder is a published author in many of the specialized fields and training technique areas listed above
  • Our Founder has also been a well-respected international speaker and educator for over 20 years, in addition to being a clinician.
  • We work for patients, not insurance companies. We provide 1-on-1 specialized care where the entire visit is spent with just you.
  • We offer Concierge (Intensive) Care for those who want to accomplish more or for those who are traveling from out of state or country.
  • We offer Prepare to Push Birth Coaching and other classes.
  • Our therapists are also performing artists in voice and dance, so we know how to help artists manage and prevent injury.
  • Our Founder has pioneered techniques to treat vocal issues with integrative physical therapy and imaging as well as using integrative, functional, and lifestyle medicine in PT. Her Voice to Pelvic Floor program has trained hundreds of PT’s and OT’s. If you are a public speakers, vocalist, actors/actress or anyone who depends on their voice to make a living, her approach can help you. 
  • Our staff therapist, Dr. Keeli Gailes focuses on LGBTQIA pelvic health and intervention for hypermobility and those with EDS. 
  • Our interdisciplinary partners offer yoga therapy, yoga, pilates, therapeutic pilates, group support classes, and massage therapy.

Meet Your Team

Dr. Ginger Garner

Ginger Garner

Clinic Founder, Therapist

I am an integrative PT, educator, and longtime advocate committed to making physical therapy services accessible, affordable, and equitable, especially for pelvic health. As the founder and CEO of Living Well Institute (2000), founder of Garner Pelvic Health, and the Living Well Podcast, I've spent 2 decades educating therapists in using integrative therapies (Therapeutic Yoga, Functional, and Lifestyle Medicine) in the clinic and health promotion. My coursework is available through multiple platforms globally.
Keeli Gailes PT, DPT, ATC

Keeli Gailes

Physical Therapist

I am a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedic and pelvic health conditions. I have received advanced training through Herman and Wallace for pelvic health and I am dry-needling certified through Double-E Education. I also am certified in Integrative lifestyle medicine through the Living Well Institute (Yay Dr. Ginger). My treatment style is also informed by manual therapy, McKenzie, and structural integration techniques as well as my background in dance and sports medicine.

Kara Jo Harman

Patient Coordination & Community Outreach

Kara holds a B.S. in Public Health and has worked for 7 years in executive administration while engaging in health equity work through a local non-profit organization.