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At Garner Pelvic Health our approach is hands-on & holistic. All of your care is delivered 1-on-1 and includes advanced specialized services and exclusive coaching programs that move far beyond basic physical therapy. Evaluations at our practice are longer than one hour due to our comprehensive approach, so please allow at least 75 minutes for your first visit.


Revolution Mill

Garner Pelvic Health is located at the beautiful & historic Revolution Mill, just over a mile from Moses Cone Hospital and minutes from downtown Greensboro. If you are scheduling telehealth, we will send a secure video conference link. We recommend running that link with Google Chrome.

Directions: When you arrive, park at one of the parking lots designated for public parking near the water tower. Go into the main entrance (near the pizza place). When you enter the building, go down the stairs or take the elevator to the first floor. Turn right and go to the end of the hallway. The office is on your right.

1175 Revolution Mill, Ste 34 (Lower Level)
Greensboro, NC 27405

Office Phone: 336.707.9951

Are you Out of State or More than 2 hours from Greensboro? Dr. Garner is known for her work in pelvic and orthopaedic health, so she does take out of state patients who can come to her Greensboro practice for specialty and extended care. These need to be planned at least 6 weeks in advance. Half, full, and multi-day intensive therapy options are available. Please email our office directly to set up these appointments. We recommend booking a free consult first.

Dr. Garner is licensed to practice physical therapy in North Carolina, and other states. Please contact us to determine if Dr. Garner can see you in your home state via telehealth.

Not sure how Dr. Garner can help? Schedule a free consult. You can also take virtual classes with Dr. Garner at Living Well Institute.

Read our COVID safety policy so you know what to expect for your visit. Dr. Garner wears a mask at all times for your safety. ALL PATIENTS MUST WEAR A MASK. Please do not come to your appointment if you have any signs of COVID. We will conduct health screening.

One more thing. We believe in cost transparency and your right to shop for high quality, cost-effective services. We will be happy to provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” of our costs upon request or upon scheduling. Call our office for more information or send an email to

The Latest Technology in Advanced Therapy Services

Garner Pelvic Health offers the NC Triad’s only comprehensive Lumbopelvic Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging, which is offered with no additional fees. Dr. Garner is currently taking new patients.

Did you know that Dr. Garner offers the region’s only Lumbopelvic Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging (RUSI) in her Revolution Mill office location.

Imaging allows your pelvic physical therapy program to be individualized based on scanning of the low back and pelvic area, which really helps with postpartum recovery, pelvic and low back pain, and hip or sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Dr. Garner uses RUSI to help identify and retrain core timing in a way that helps you meet your health and fitness goals. Lumbopelvic RUSI can be used to improve and impact:

Vocal Health

If you are a teacher or performer, your voice is your livelihood. The pelvic floor, not just the respiratory diaphragm, has a large role in dictating the health and longevity of your voice. Cutting edge treatmentof vocal issues should begin with an assessment of the pelvic floor and diaphragm, together.

Pelvic Health 

Whether you have pelvic floor pain, are postpartum 2 or 20+ years, or you just own an aging pelvic floor, RUSI can help customize a program for you. RUSI takes the guesswork out of lumbopelvic physical therapy. We also offer Prenatal Birth Coach Classes, to help you fully prepare for birth and recovery more quickly and completely during postpartum. Pelvic Health is not just for women. Men, transitioning individuals, and people who are prenatal and postpartum also need pelvic physical therapy!  

Sexual Health

RUSI enables visualization of structures beyond basic pelvic PT, which allows for specific prescription of therapies to address sexual dysfunction and pain with sex.

Low Back and Spine Health

Core timing and integration of the abdominal, hip, and surrounding muscles is critical to prevent and manage back pain. RUSI helps accomplish this in a fraction of a time of regular PT.

Respiratory Diaphragm Health

Breathing is a primary driver of both vocal and pelvic health problems, and it’s super important while living in our COVID times. We need strong lungs and reliable diaphragm functioning.

RUSI can provide immediate feedback with real-time, in office scans that can be done not just on an exam table, but while you exercise. Dr. Garner then uses the results of the scan to customize your pelvic physical therapy and fitness program.

The Latest in Integrative Therapy Services

Dr. Garner works with you, and other Functional Medicine practitioners on her team, to provide the latest cutting edge technology in testing and evaluation. Her team works together to determine the root cause of your pelvic girdle and orthopaedic pain. She looks for the source of the problem (the proverbial fire) – she doesn’t just treat the symptoms (fan the smoke away).

Your care may include lab testing, RUSI (ultrasound imaging), Lifestyle evaluation and prescription, and Integrative Therapy prescription, in addition to physical therapy care.

Dr. Garner’s office goes above and beyond standard physical therapy and healthcare in order to provide you with the best possible chance for long-term, long lasting results.

If you aren’t sure how Dr. Garner can help. book a free consultation here.

Conditions Dr. Garner Specializes In
  • Dr. Garner is a veteran orthopedic manual therapist and pelvic PT. She is also a licensed athletic trainer and has advanced training in Pelvic Floor Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Functional Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, RUSI, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and more. She is board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and trains others therapists, certifying them in Integrative therapies and Yoga. She teaches and uses a whole-person, culturally-sensitive, integrative approach to address:
  • Hip & Knee
    • Hip Impingement &/or labral tears
    • Hip arthroscopy – Pre & Post-Op
    • Hip & knee replacements Post-Op – For patients who want to return to higher levels of activity or sport specific activities
    • Hip athletic training & performance – Reducing injury risk and maximizing performance for anyone with hip, knee, or pelvic pain
  • Pelvis
    • Pelvic pain including IC, endometriosis, incontinence, and more
    • Gut & bowel health
    • Urinary leakage
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Prenatal & postpartum care
    • Gender transition care
  • Facial, Upper Extremity, Neck & Back Pain
    • Headaches & jaw pain
    • Vocal pain
    • Sacroiliac joint pain
    • Low back pain
    • Shoulder injury/pain
  • Health Coaching – Improve overall health, lifestyle choices, lower disease & injury risk
Integrative Physical Therapy IS
  • Integrative PT uses the science of Integrative, Functional, & Lifestyle Medicine to find the root cause of pain and illness in order to help you find long-term solutions.
  • Functional Medicine looks for biochemical and genetic drivers of pain and disease, and works to correct imbalances and eliminate drivers.
  • Lifestyle Medicine uses sleep, diet, stress management, environmental exposures to hazardous endocrine disruptors and pollutants, and physical activity to improve health and wellness.
  • Integrative Medicine uses Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, and Pilates movement systems to improve health and wellness. Dr. Garner is the creator and author of Medical Therapeutic Yoga, which uses all 3 systems of medicine to improve your health and wellness.
  • Dr. Garner will work with you 100% of the way and spends 100% of her time with you.
  • She individualizes integrative & lifestyle-driven therapies based on evaluation of your neuromuscular and musculoskeletal needs and the most current scientific clinical standards.
  • She will be there with you every step of your recovery, providing the hands-on healing methods each patient deserves.
  • Dr. Garner is also an educator. She has been teaching PT’s, OT’s, & ATC’s since 2001, mentors PT students, and is an internationally sought after speaker and published author on Integrative Physical Therapy, wellness, and rehab practice.
Integrative Physical Therapy IS NOT
  • Handing you a print out of exercises that you could likely do on your own at home
  • Receiving treatments from machines only, rather than a therapist
  • Spending most of your time counting to ten with very little supervision
  • Being put into a big gym with a lot of other patients and left to do your exercises on your own
  • Seeing your primary therapist briefly at best and mostly seeing assistants or aides who see multiple patients at a time
How Conditions Are Treated
  • Integrative & Functional Medicine as explained above
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, & Mindfulness practices, & health coaching as explained above
  • Lifestyle Medicine via nutrition, sleep, environmental toxin reduction, movement, and stress management as explained above
  • Dr. Garner also uses the following modalities:
    • Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging
    • Dry needling
    • Electrical stimulation
    • Manual therapy
    • Strength & conditioning
    • Biofeedback & pain management
More Services ... Health Coaching

Dr. Garner offers health coaching for those who don’t necessarily need PT but want to improve their overall fitness & lifestyle choices, including sleep, nutrition, stress management, physical activity, and environmental influences like time management, endocrine disruptors that impact health, and getting rid of toxic cleaners and other substances that can harm you or your family’s health.

She will work with you to meet your goals in a timely manner that is cost-effective for you and that fits your needs.

Not sure if this is right for you? Book a free consult


For healthcare pros…Business Coaching & Mentoring

Dr. Garner offers business mentorship and coaching for PT’s looking to launch their practice in Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine. She has spent 25 years in the field, has owned multiple practices and has created diverse, successful business models to fit each setting.

Learn how to scale your business, spend your time in a way that will get worthwhile returns on investment, invest in the right resources and platforms, and find autonomy and job satisfaction to create and grow a sustainable practice. avoid burnout and compassion fatigue.

Sign up for coaching and earn CEU’s at the same time via the educational arm of Dr. Garner’s work, Living Well Institute.

Take a Virtual Class

Dr. Garner has been teaching mind-body fitness classes since 1995. She offers specialized classes in Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates for all levels. See what is offered here. Or, book a session online at here.

You Do Not Need A Referral
  • You have direct access to Dr. Garner, who has specialized training in Integrative, Functional, and Lifestyle Medicine, pelvic health, medical therapeutic yoga, and athletic training.
  • She will conduct her own thorough evaluation and make referrals as needed.
  • Dr. Garner is an out-of-network provider. She made the decision to work out-of-network in 2005 in order to focus on patient needs, particularly for pain and special needs populations whose insurance claims are frequently denied, limited, or high cost. Dr. Garner is well known for helping people who are still dealing with pain and impairment after they have exhausted other forms of treatment and care.

    Insurance companies typically cover physical therapy (PT).  Check with your insurance company to determine your PT benefits. Paperwork is provided for insurance reimbursement on request. Payment is collected at time of service.  

    Dr. Garner is not a participating Medicare provider and does not take Medicare. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, Dr. Garner can see you as a WELLNESS visit ONLY.

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LBP & SIJ Rackcard
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Men's Health
PT for the Arts Rack Card

Working with us means…


More Effective Healing with Integrative Physical Therapy

The Integrative Care Model has been proven more effective than standard physical therapy alone. This includes using a FILM approach – Functional, Integrative/Yogic, & Lifestyle Medicine), lumbopelvic ultrasound imaging, and the latest scientifically supported therapies to prescribe pelvic and orthopaedic physical therapy. I help men, women, and trans individuals overcome tough to treat issues from the neck and oral cavity to the pelvic floor. Your care may involve labs via our interdisciplinary Functional & Lifestyle Medicine team, in order to determine root cause of your problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.

In-person and virtual care offered


Innovative Continuing Education & Virtual Group Classes

I’ve helped thousands of therapists, doctors, & individuals transform their lives with Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine-driven care over the last 20+ years.

For PT, OT, AT, their assistants, & similar healthcare pros: Earn CE’s & get Certified in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), or take specialty courses in ILM, such as the Differential Diagnosis & Integrative Management of the Hip.

For everyone: Take virtual group fitness and wellness classes in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, and even Kombucha making!

In-person and virtual classes offered


Better Time Management & Entrepreneurship

I’ve been a “mompreneur” and successful business owner of 2 small businesses for over 2 decades.

As a working mom (of 3 boys), I’ve learned what it takes to manage my time and stay mindful while wearing multiple hats as a CEO.

Work/life balance is an enigmatic concept and for women, and can seem impossible when you are a mother.

Yet, I’ve discovered strategies that have enabled me to thrive in the healthcare and wellness industry as a female and as a mother, and I’m ready to teach you how to do the same.

Virtual Coaching offered