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At Garner Pelvic Health our approach is hands-on & holistic.

All of your care is delivered 1-on-1 and includes advanced specialized services and exclusive coaching programs that move far beyond basic physical therapy. Evaluations at our practice are longer than one hour due to our comprehensive approach, so please allow at least 75 minutes for your first visit.

Hands on practice

What We Treat

Evaluations at our practice are also longer than one hour due to our comprehensive approach, so please allow at least 75 minutes for your first visit. Our intake forms are also lengthy, because we don’t just look at the diagnosis and treat it, we look for root cause so we can prevent pain and disease for the future. You can expect lifestyle interventions as well as integrative and mindfulness included as a part of your care. Additionally, Dr. Garner specializes in providing high level rehabilitative lumbopelvic ultrasound imaging and dry needling for pelvic and vocal health. As a training center and longtime teacher and mentor worldwide, she is a therapist’s therapist. 

Gastrointestinal Issues

  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Orthopedic & Performance Art

      Pre & Post Surgical Care

      • Hip Arthroscopy
      • C – Section
      • Mastectomy
      • Lumpectomy
      • Breast Reconstruction
      • Hysterectomy
      • Abdominoplasty
      • Other abdominal/pelvic surgery

      Out-of-Town / Out-of-State Patient?

      Dr. Garner is known for her work specifically in hip labral injury and impingement, as well as post-operative rehab. She is also well known for her integrative treatment approach to pelvic pain. For this reason, she regularly sees patients that come in from out of state to receive treatment.

      If you are out of state and want to be seen, please email alana@gingergarner.com and she will review your options and get you set up.

      Please plan at least 6 weeks in advance. Half, full, and multi-day intensive therapy options are available.

      Can’t come to North Carolina?

      Dr. Garner is licensed to practice physical therapy in other states. Please contact us to determine if Dr. Garner can see you in your home state via telehealth.

      You do NOT need a referral.

      • You have direct access to pelvic physical therapy care. You do not need a referral in the state of NC.
      • We are doctors of physical therapy and are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your condition comprehensively.
      • We conduct our own thorough evaluation and make referrals as needed.


      • Insurance companies typically cover physical therapy (PT).  Check with your insurance company to determine your PT benefits. Paperwork is provided for insurance reimbursement on request. Payment is collected at time of service.  
      • We are out-of-network providers and do not accept insurance. We work for and with you, not the insurance company.
      • We are not a participating Medicare provider and do not take Medicare. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, we may only see you as a wellness client.
      • Garner has successfully provided services to people of all socioeconomic levels since 2005. She made the decision to go out of network because insurance companies repeatedly denied coverage for the bulk of her patients, who were being discriminated against because of “pre-existing” chronic pain conditions.
      • Garner is passionate about improving healthcare and coverage of services. She is actively involved in healthcare justice and both state legislative and federal congressional policy creation.
      • Garner and her practice is well known for helping people who are still dealing with pain and impairment after they have exhausted other forms of treatment and care.

      Working with us means…


      More Effective Healing with Integrative Physical Therapy

      The Integrative Care Model has been proven more effective than standard physical therapy alone. This includes using a FILM approach – Functional, Integrative/Yogic, & Lifestyle Medicine), lumbopelvic ultrasound imaging, and the latest scientifically supported therapies to prescribe pelvic and orthopedic physical therapy. We help men, women, and trans individuals overcome tough to treat issues from the neck and oral cavity to the pelvic floor. Your care may involve labs via our interdisciplinary Functional & Lifestyle Medicine team, in order to determine root cause of your problem, instead of just treating the symptoms.

      In-person and virtual care offered


      Integrative Continuing Education & Group Fitness & Wellness

      I’ve helped thousands of therapists, doctors, & individuals transform their lives with Integrative & Lifestyle Medicine-driven care over the last 20+ years.

      For PT, OT, AT, their assistants, & similar healthcare pros: Earn CE’s & get Certified in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) and Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), or take specialty courses in ILM, such as the Differential Diagnosis & Integrative Management of the Hip.

      For everyone: Take virtual group fitness and wellness classes in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, and even Kombucha making!

      In-person and virtual classes offered


      Better Time Management & Entrepreneurship

      I’ve been a “mompreneur” and successful business owner of 2 small businesses for over 2 decades.

      As a working mom (of 3 boys), I’ve learned what it takes to manage my time and stay mindful while wearing multiple hats as a CEO.

      Work/life balance is an enigmatic concept and for women, and can seem impossible when you are a mother.

      Yet, I’ve discovered strategies that have enabled me to thrive in the healthcare and wellness industry as a female and as a mother, and I’m ready to teach you how to do the same.

      Virtual Coaching offered


      Revolution Mill

      Garner Pelvic Health is located at the beautiful & historic Revolution Mill, just over a mile from Moses Cone Hospital and minutes from downtown Greensboro. If you are scheduling telehealth, we will send a secure video conference link. We recommend running that link with Google Chrome.

      Directions: When you arrive, park at one of the parking lots designated for public parking near the water tower. Go into the main entrance (near the pizza place). When you enter the building, go down the stairs or take the elevator to the first floor. Turn right and go to the end of the hallway. The office is on your right.

      1175 Revolution Mill, Ste 34 (Lower Level)
      Greensboro, NC 27405

      Office Phone: 336.707.9951

      COVID policy

      Our office is now MASKS OPTIONAL as of April 20, 2023. Please do not come to your appointment if you have any signs of COVID. We will conduct health screening.

      One more thing.

      We believe in cost transparency and your right to shop for high quality, cost-effective services. We will be happy to provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” of our costs upon request or upon scheduling. Call our office for more information or send an email to info@gingergarner.com.