Health Coaching

At Garner Pelvic Health, we take a Functional Integrative Lifestyle Medicine approach to our treatment plans. What does that mean exactly? Let’s break the term Functional Integrative Lifestyle Medicine into its components.


Function can refer to how we move, how we cope, our beliefs, attitudes, and our current health habits. Our psychological state, and biological/DNA makeup will affect function too.


A “stone” soup, is a pot of water with a few stones. People would contribute what they had, perhaps some vegetables, a beef bone. The end result would be a much richer and bountiful soup for all. In health care, we can integrate many different approaches to Wellness, to create a richer “soup” or outcome.


How do we live our lives?? What are our habits, what do we eat, how do we sleep, what type of work do we do, what type of stressors do we have? Do we have Hope and Aspirations or Fear and Anxiety influencing our life?


Medicine is an Art and a Science. The art is compassion, listening, and discerning the causes of an ailment. Often physical, mental, and spiritual aspects are mixed together, making the waters muddy. 

Science and Evidence-Based Practice are the words of the day! We must use diagnostic and treatment methods that have been researched, and proven to be effective to get the best outcomes. If we find the origin of the problem, or “Root Cause,” we might be able to “completely put out the fire.” 

Our goal at Garner Pelvic Health and the Living Well Institute is to do just that! Live and Be Well! Self Actualize! Love Family, Friends, and Community. Fulfill our Dreams. Live a long, successful life without suffering or disability. 

Health Coaching

What is your dream, your vision, and mission for a successful and healthy life? What would that look like for you? 

We work with you to help you meet your fitness and wellness goals. Rather than utilizing the standard “teach and tell method” (follow this exercise program on this piece of paper that I gave you). We explore WITH you – and guide you through the entire process of making positive change. 

Our Health Coaches have training in a variety of techniques that will help you to think about, explore ideas, overcome barriers, decide to take action, make change, and continue on to maintain your new successes in health and wellness, lifestyle habits, and attitudes.

There are a number of steps that are taken to help you move forward, especially when you have been plagued by false starts, such as unsuccessful weight loss, procrastination, and resistance to change.

We help you map out a plan for success by setting SMART goals – that are sustainable, maintainable, attainable, realistic, and timely. We help you to determine how you are going to overcome barriers to your progress, stay motivated, and be consistent in your daily, weekly, and monthly efforts.

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We have a Branded App to Help You Succeed! 

Our Lifestyle App will help you track, in real-time, your health and wellness progress. Studies have found that using these, in addition to interacting with a human, trained in Health, Wellness, and Integrative Lifestyle Coaching, has been more effective than using an App alone. 

Our goal is to work with you as a whole person – not to treat a diagnosis or assign labels. We attend to your Physical Therapy and Wellness needs, we provide treatment and make recommendations, and we offer expert advice when you are ready to hear and ask for it. 

We are a judgment-free safe zone. Think of us as a “guide on the side”, rather than a “sage on the stage.” 

How Will We Help? 

We create a personalized, prescriptive program just for you. It uses a Functional, Integrative, and Lifestyle Medicine Approach (sleep, dietary intake, exercise protocol, stress reduction, meditation, and pain management).

We may suggest referrals to other health professionals as necessary. Also, we revisit and revise your program as often as needed, and with our branded Lifestyle App, you get concierge service. This means you are able to message us, ask direct questions, and we are able to monitor your progress and make adjustments in real time! 

We can’t wait to support you! 

Commonly Asked Questions About Health Coaching

Here are some of the common questions we get about health coaching. 

What Is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a method of encouraging you to reach your peak motivation to start thinking about changes in your health behaviors. You will succeed in reaching your goals and maintaining your new health habits.

What Makes Health Coaching Different From Just Going To The Doctor’s Office?

Often the doctor is limited in time. A Doctor is able and willing to give you information about your health care. Unfortunately, most healthcare professionals are too busy to provide the continual input and advice needed to make major and permanent changes in behavior in just one short visit.

What Techniques Do Health Coaches Use?

Health coaches use biopsychological techniques, which are patient-centered, envisioning past and future successes. These techniques use positive thinking to break through the cycle of limiting habits, negative thinking, and fear. Some of the techniques used are Motivational Interviewing, Non-Violent Communication, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Theory, and Trans Theoretical Models.

Why Would Someone Need To Work With A Health Coach?

A highly motivated and disciplined individual may not need to have a health coach, especially if they are able to succeed in making the health changes that they want. However, suppose you have made repeated efforts to change health habits and have failed or are frustrated with your lack of progress. In that case, a health coach might be what is needed to overcome your emotional and environmental barriers to success.

What About Using Electronic Devices And Apps To Promote Wellness?

Studies indicate that electronic bracelets and apps are helpful in promoting wellness. They found that for individuals who are homebound, with serious chronic illnesses, that phone health coaching with a real person was more beneficial than automatic text message reminders. Electronic devices and apps help you to measure your performance, but they can’t provide the emotional and psychological support that is sometimes needed to put you at your peak motivation to overcome barriers to Wellness.

What Types Of Clients Do Health Coaches Help?

If you have chronic health problems with multiple issues, if you are getting ready for surgery, are recovering from surgery, need help with weight loss, are post-rehabilitation, are interested in prevention, want to advance forward on your current program, or need a little boost to push the envelope.

How Often Should One See A Health Coach?

Generally, to meet your 3-month goals, you could see a health coach once per week for one to three months, or longer if needed.

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