Concierge (Out of Town & Extended) Care

Intensive Treatment is perfect for people looking to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. We welcome you!

Dr. Ginger Garner
Dr. Ginger Garner PT, DPT, ATC-Ret

Dr. Garner is a veteran therapist, the founder of GPH and Living Well Institute, and an active clinician. She is a leading educator worldwide and has trained thousands of clinicians in best care using Functional, Integrative, and Lifestyle Medicine (FILM) in physical therapy. She literally wrote the book on these topics, as the author of three books, multiple book chapters, and articles.

Patients regularly travel from out of state and out of the country to visit Dr. Garner. She is also known as “a therapist’s therapist” because she regularly teaches and treats fellow colleagues across the globe. She is a regularly invited to speak, having presented at over 2 dozen international conferences on a range of topics related to her specialty.

Moving toward her 3rd decade in practice, Dr. Garner is known for addressing complex issues like:

  1. Voice issues driven by Pelvic Floor Problems and vice-versa, and those complicated by Faulty Breathing and Orofacial and Neck Restrictions
  2. Hip Pain, especially from Arthroscopy, Impingement &/or Labral Tears and pain complicated by Sacroiliac Joint and Low Back Pain
  3. Complex Pelvic Pain issues – especially Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, & Postpartum
  4. Prolapse Management & Advanced Stress Urinary Incontinence

Dr. Garner is an educator at heart, and has spent over 20 years teaching continuing education and mentoring physical therapists and related practitioners in Functional, Integrative, & Lifestyle Medicine, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Therapeutic Pilates, Dry Needling, Integrative Care for Hip & Back Pain, and Lumbopelvic Rehabilitation Ultrasound Imaging.

Her clinic is one of the few US physical therapy practices to offer specialized integrative care in combination with in-office Rehab Ultrasound Imaging, pelvic floor dry needling, and pessary fitting. All of these things work together to remove guesswork, shorten treatment time, and provide the most prescriptive physical therapy available.

Dr. Garner takes a unique approach to addressing pelvic pain, because she considers all systems, labs, and lifestyle factors which could contribute. Likewise, her ability to successfully treat complex post hip arthroscopy cases is well known, because she is a pelvic floor specialist and spinal manual therapist.

As a result, many people come to Dr. Garner specifically for her expertise, especially for complex pelvic pain and hip labral injury and impingement cases.

Booking Your Intensive Treatment

  1. Step One – Dr. Garner will provide an initial free 10 minute phone consult before booking your first teleconsult. This call is to help her decide if taking your case is a good fit for your best care. Book your call here. This call is not mandatory, it’s only if you are not sure how Dr. Garner can help you.

  2. Step TwoBook your Teleconsult – You will choose Discovery TeleConsult under the Initial Consult option. This allows you to speak with Dr. Garner and compile a problems list, as well as determine how many visits, what labs or paperwork, medical records, and/or what type of treatment will be needed once you arrive at GPH in order to start treatment. If you cannot find a time that works, email our office directly. This consult is required.

  3. Step ThreeBook your Treatment Intensive – You will be able to book this with Dr. Garner during your Discovery TeleConsult. Intensive Treatments take place on Wednesday-Friday and require an in-person visit over a 2 day period (or longer if it’s necessary) to her North Carolina practice. Because Dr. Garner clears her schedule for these appointments, her schedule fills quickly and there is a wait list.

    Concierge Care Includes: 
    Day 1 – Initial Intensive Evaluation – Approximately 3 hour appointment 
    Day 2 – Intensive Treatment – four, 55 minute appointments 
    Set up of your Integrative Lifestyle Program & Portals
    Remote communication and monitoring 
    Optional Add-On – Day 3 Intensive Treatment of up to 4 hours at a time ((determined by patient and Dr. Garner in Discovery TeleConsult) 
  4. Step Four – Records Collection & Diaries – You will have homework to complete prior to your Intensive. This is to minimize any wasted time in your in-person appointment and to make sure we have all the information needed to provide best care. To save even more time, go ahead and collect all records, labs, images, and any other documents you believe will help Dr. Garner with your case. Your case management will include both In-Person and Remote Monitoring, which will include access to Direct Messaging with Dr. Garner, an interactive real-time Lifestyle Monitoring Program, and Record Review. Dr. Garner will determine which inventories are needed during your initial teleconsult.

For patients in the US

Dr. Ginger Garner telehealth

You will be seen for 2-4 hours Wednesday afternoon, followed by 2-4 hours on Thursday morning. This allows you to fly in and out with minimal interruption to your regular routine. Dr. Garner can increase the amount of time needed on a case-by-case basis.

For patients outside the US

You may end up needing 3-4 days of treatment, in order to make the biggest impact, especially if you are traveling a long distance. Our office will work with you to maximize your treatment time for the best outcomes.

  • Manual Therapy & Myofascial Release

Travel, Lodging, and Sightseeing 

Air Travel

Revolution Mill

Centrally located, you have 3 options when booking flights into Greensboro. Raleigh (RDU), Charlotte (CLT), and Greensboro (GSO). Our clinic is less than 15 minutes away from GSO.


Less than 5 minutes away (some patients prefer even walking) – we are convenient to downtown GSO, with a Marriott and other amenities very close by.

Less than 10 minutes away – If you prefer, there are historical bed and breakfasts available, like the 1905-era Double Oaks, which hosts jazz musicians weekly. 

Approximately 10-15 minutes away – There are also The Proximity and the O’Henry Hotels, which have award winning farm to table employee owned restaurants located on the premises, as well as the locally famous afternoon high tea at the O’Henry.

Local Attractions & Food

Restaurants are within walking distance of the lovely Greensboro area, which boasts a rich history of defending civil rights, and is the birthplace of the sit-in movement. We encourage you to take advantage of the history that Greensboro has to offer, with visits to:

Questions? We are here to help! Contact us at www.garnerpelvichealth.com To take virtual classes and courses with Dr. Garner and associates, visit www.integrativelifestylemed.com