Medical Therapeutic Yoga near Summerfield, NC

Garner Pelvic Health provides medical therapeutic yoga near Summerfield, NC, and the nearby areas to enhance health and wellness. Our functional integrative lifestyle aims to balance body systems and restore health. Please reach out to our office to learn more. 

We Offer Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Pelvic health is more important than most realize. Many chronic health issues result from pelvic injury, strain, improper alignment, and many other pelvic floor-related conditions. Medical therapeutic yoga is a holistic therapy method that combines yoga principles with modified positioning. 

There are many benefits of using modified yoga techniques to recover from various medical conditions and restore overall health and wellness. Medical therapeutic yoga can provide relief from:

  • Autoimmune disease symptoms
  • Endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and other types of pelvic pain
  • Depression
  • Orthopedic issues such as hip dysfunction, labral tears, or sacroiliac dysfunction
  • Lack of mobility resulting from age-related issues
  • Incontinence
  • Breathing and flexibility issues

Focusing on breathing, posture, mindfulness, mobility, and movement can help restore pelvic health and assist in various forms of rehabilitation. Our functional and integrative approach ensures optimal results and improves overall well-being. We customize treatment plans to include yoga, nutrition, and lifestyle suggestions to help patients overcome physical and mental barriers that can affect their lives.  

Medical Therapeutic Yoga near Summerfield, NC

We Serve People Near Summerfield, NC

Our team is happy to provide services near Summerfield, North Carolina, and the nearby cities. Summerfield is part of Dorchester County and was established in 1847. Some neighboring cities include Greensboro, Ladson, Goose Creek, Charleston, and Mount Pleasant. 

Commonly Asked Questions

At Garner Pelvic Health, we aim to provide expert advice and therapy methods that fit your unique health and wellness needs. If you have questions about our services, we are happy to answer them. 

Who Does Medical Therapeutic Yoga Help?

Many people can enjoy the benefits of this type of yoga. Athletes, seniors, performers, and those recovering from injury can learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and inflammation. Medical therapeutic yoga also helps address incontinence, pelvic pain, autoimmune issues, depression, and orthopedic issues. 

How Do Integrative Principles Work With Yoga?

Everyone has a unique biological makeup that requires a personalized approach. We consider nutrition, medical history, sleep patterns, and lifestyle regarding health and wellness. We aim to discover the root cause of symptoms and customize a treatment plan that helps restore balance to the body. Our team combines this philosophy with yoga principles to encourage rehabilitation and improve wellness. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

As an out-of-network provider, we do not accept insurance. However, we encourage you to check with your insurance company to determine whether our services are covered under your healthcare plan. You can request paperwork to file for reimbursement. 

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If you’re experiencing chronic pain from orthopedic issues, women’s health concerns, or another medical issue, our team can help. Contact Garner Pelvic Health near Summerfield, NC, today to schedule an appointment. We see patients at 1175-L Revolution Mill, Ste 34, Greensboro, NC 27405.