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Dr. Garner is an internationally recognized expert with 2 books and multiple book chapters to her credit (see right photo). She has taught thousands of healthcare pros how to use yoga and lifestyle medicine over the last 20 years. Her passion lies in helping people claim the power of the voice to pelvic floor connection, especially if you have experienced trauma or medical gaslighting. 

Join thousands of others who have already taken the Voice to Pelvic Floor Breathwork course.  As a bonus you also get two free downloads: Dr. Garner’s personal story on how she used yoga to overcome pain & trauma and the first chapter of her first book, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, which shows you how yoga should be used in healthcare. 

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga is helping people around the world

The Italian translation of Medical Therapeutic Yoga is available! More translations are forthcoming. Sign up for details. Buy the English translation. Now also available instantly on Kindle!

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Medical Therapeutic Yoga now available in Italian

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Tips on Building Resilience

We believe there are three CORE ingredients for success in any great venture, whether you are trying to get fit, overcome trauma or injury, or launch a new small business. Get this free e-book on how Dr. Ginger Garner has used difficulties and challenges to build resilience through cultivating grit, grace, and gratitude.