Exceeding Expectations of Hip Scope Recovery – Post 5/Month 5

exceeding expectations of hip scope recovery

by Dr. Caroline Withall

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone…Proved my Progress

Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone to realise how far you have come.  A special trip to Venice afforded me such an occasion, and I could not be more delighted that I exceeded expectations for the trip! 

If you have been following my progress you will know that I have endured a bit of a rocky time in the Autumn, but at the beginning of this month another change in approach was looking promising, and happily it has continued.  

Ordinarily I would not have attempted a city break at this stage in my recovery, however a once in a lifetime opportunity was occurring – my daughter’s school choir was touring Venice, culminating in a performance at a mass in St Mark’s Basilica.  I think you’ll agree it falls into the “must do” category. Some things are not worth risking a potential setback for, but this was too significant to miss.  

Navigating Travel Challenges with Intention

I’m so proud of myself for not only managing the trip, but actively enjoying it and being able to do far more than I originally anticipated.  Admittedly I was not traveling alone which definitely helped. Although I could manage my wheelie suitcase around the airport, I still would have had difficulty lifting it onto the security scanners and into the overhead cabin on the aeroplane. But thankfully, I had my husband on hand to help out with those sticky bits.  If the situation was different and I had found myself alone, I’d hope strangers would help out.

The flight time was short, at 1 hour and 45 minutes. However, time spent on the actual plane was longer and I did find the continual sitting a little uncomfortable.  On a short flight you feel a bit conspicuous getting up frequently, or putting your seat into recline, but I forced myself to be disciplined about doing both those things to ensure I made it through.  

The next challenge was getting to the hotel – not as simple as you might think, since it was impossible not to have to get on the water at some point.  We elected to get a taxi to the nearest point possible, then had to transfer into a water taxi on one of the canals, which was a bit stressful since the gap between the jetty {pier/dock} and the boat was quite wide…deep breath, screw home, launch!

Exceeding Expectations Benefited by Having a Room Upgrade

I packed light and took my essential hip kit only.  The Essential Hip Kit included a myofascial ball, wand, cupping set and hip hook, reasoning that hotel towels can be used as yoga blankets. 

Sometimes a hip problem can work in your favour and result in a silver lining.  Despite studying room photos and booking accordingly, our initial hotel room had much less floor space than anticipated. I was a little panicked as to how I was going to do my necessary sequences to get comfortable following the flight.  My husband mentioned to reception my problem and the next thing we knew, we were being upgraded to a large suite with views of the Grand Canal, with a yoga mat thrown in too. 

Just goes to show that you don’t get if you don’t ask! Thanks to the hotel for being so accommodating of my medical needs!

The first concert was later that afternoon, and in an ideal world I wouldn’t have had any commitments other than traveling that day. Take that as my tip to any of you in a similar situation. If you can have a clear schedule upon arrival, that is always better.  However, despite some discomfort from the journey, I was still able to stroll there and back for the first concert of the trip, punctuated with beverage stops!

Slowing Down, Enjoying the Day, and Doing the Work

Thanks to the kindness of the hotel in upgrading our space I was able to spend time doing all my release sequences after a nice hot bath.  I’ll confess I didn’t sleep well that night, due to pain, but fortunately the following day my evening’s efforts paid off and I didn’t feel too bad at all.  

The key thing was not to rush off attempting to do everything. In my former life, I was an avid city breaker.  With my trusty guidebook in hand, I was marching my family around all the sights. For them, the hip issue can have its benefits, as I’m forced to take a more relaxed approach! 

We enjoyed a leisurely morning in the hotel then slowly made our way to the next concert.  Another water taxi moment! This time when getting out of it up to a very high jetty {dock/pier} almost felt a bit of a chiropractic adjustment!!

Venice Trip Highlights

This concert was the highlight of the trip for me, as it was in a basilica in a part of Venice where ordinary locals lived, and although it appeared to be quite simple from the outside, inside were the most beautiful frescos.

The choir sang beautifully and I was quite overwhelmed with emotion thinking about what it had taken to get to the point of being able to attend the concert, and everything we have been through as a family with this difficult recovery. 

~ Caroline Withall

It really felt like a big achievement to be in that moment.  Keen to avoid grappling with a jetty {pier/dock} again, we took a long walk back to the hotel, stopping for wine along the way and some delicious pasta.

Going and Going and Going…The Progress is Real!

One of the biggest achievements of this trip has been the ability to keep going on consecutive days. On Sunday morning, we enjoyed an outdoor concert at the Academic bridge, then lunch and shopping. Followed by the St Mark’s mass in the evening.  By the end of Sunday evening, I had done around 13,000 steps in a single day. But more importantly, I felt as though I had not missed out on seeing the city. 

The change of scene was a real healing tonic and the wonderful architecture a real distraction from overthinking while I was walking.  In fact, it really brought home to me that the most difficult issue is still sitting for long periods, but generally, I feel I coped admirably.  

Mini Miracles, Improved Endurance, and 13,000 steps in 1 day

This trip has illustrated that my endurance is improving. This time last year, I could not have contemplated going away anywhere.  It may seem like a small achievement, but I was also thrilled that I was able to walk around in my winter boots for the first time in 4 years! 

Reflecting upon the year, it actually feels like a mini miracle that I have been able to go to both the US and Italy. Even at the beginning of the summer before I went to see Dr Ginger, a day of 13,000 steps would have wiped me out for days afterwards.  

Working with Dr. Ginger is changing my life for the better – it is still very much a slow burn, but I am seeing positive progress.  After all, it took me a while to get to where I was, so I know I cannot expect overnight success. This wonderful trip have exceeded expectations of my hip scope rehab, compared to where I was two months ago. I hope this time next year I will be achieving my full potential at last, and this trip has given me confidence to keep going and working hard to reach that goal.  

~ Caroline Withall