Pelvic Floor Stability with Roselee Wondra, PT, PYT

Care foryour pelvic floor.One of our amazing grads, Roselee Wondra, PT, PYT, will be teaching a workshop in Minnesota this month! If you are in the area and would like to learn more or refresh on pelvic floor stability, go support her. This is sure to be an enlightening workshop. We are excited to hear about the impact Roselee will have on her community!

Connect Your (Pelvic) Floor to Your Core

Guest Workshop Presenter – Physical Therapist Roselee Wondra, trained in pelvic floor health with specialization in Medical Therapeutic Yoga


Date:  Sunday April 17  1:00 – 4:00pm

Cost: $55, Pre-registration requested- Space is limited!

Location: Blue Sky Therapeutic Yoga, 522 South Fourth St., Stillwater, MN  https://www.facebook.com/blueskyyogamn/?fref=ts


This studio does NOT have online registration ability regrettably. To reserve your spot; please email Roselee at: roselee@wondragroup.com

OR contact the studio owner Julie Bennett at 651-303-2043 or email:  studio@blueskyyogamn.com


Message from Blue Sky Therapeutic Yoga:

Come join us in this workshop where we will discover how to connect the pelvic floor to the “core” and the proper use of these supportive muscles for optimal balanced support and posture both on and off the yoga mat. We will address problems that can occur when the pelvic floor is not balanced or connected in the body’s core support system.  Many resource and educational handouts and class notes will be included.

Roselee Wondra has been a practicing physical therapist for over 30 years with specialized training in women’s health. She currently practices at St Francis Rehabilitation Center in Shakopee, MN. She has taken advanced training in Medical Therapeutic Yoga for health professionals with Professional Yoga Therapy Institute which integrates evidence-based western medicine with the Ayurvedic medicine and wellness philosophies.

Note: This workshop is not intended to assess or treat or act as medical advise.  Resources of licensed health professionals will be available if you are in need of health care management of symptoms.