Kendra Wilks, PT on the Origin of True Health

Creating Space to Heal with Yoga


Kendra WilksKendra Wilks is a physical therapist of 22 years and orthopedic and pelvic health specialist. She is a wife and a mother of two children. She’s also battled cancer, more than once.

Undergoing treatment for cancer provided Kendra the opportunity to re-evaluate the origins of “true health” and what that looks like. In slowing down, and through her gentle yoga practice, she created space for herself to think differently about her health and wellness.

As both a licensed health care provider and prior patient, Kendra brought a unique perspective to her studies at the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI). Read Kendra’s story on the PYTI website to learn how yoga played a pivotal role in her healing journey. She shares how the principles of PYTI have shaped her personally and professionally, both on and off the yoga mat. Yoga has even helped her to love biking again, an intense sport that she thought she’d never enjoy again after undergoing cancer treatment.