Kathe Wallace, PT on Sex Life After Childbirth

Kathe Wallace, PT, BCB-PMD discussses her book Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth


Revive_sex_7_final_rev2-2Kathe Wallace, renowned physical therapist and women’s health champion, has authored a book that brings light to important topics that are frequently left unaddressed after birth. Her book, Reviving Your Sex Life After Childbirth: Your guide to pain-free and pleasurable sex after the baby, focuses on pelvic floor health and associated problems that can arise after childbirth and how those directly affect sexual health.

I have been treating postpartum pelvic floor dysfunction for over 25 years. Over the years I’ve seen many cases of pelvic floor dysfunction that, once armed with the appropriate information, needed minimal appointments. I consistently heard my patients say “Why wasn’t I told this information?”.

The information in this book is empowering and informative for women suffering from painful sex after childbirth and pelvic floor problems after childbirth. It offers real answers and strategies for self-care and healing.”

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