Kapha Balancing Guided Meditation

Anti-Kapha Meditation at Sunrise on Emerald Isle beach, N.C., USA

Anti-Kapha Meditation at Sunrise on Emerald Isle beach, N.C., USA

Kapha Balancing Guided Meditation

Join Ginger for this 30 minute guided morning meditation focusing on deep abdominal breathing and kapha balancing techniques.

What are kapha balancing techniques?  This meditation works to diminish the effects of existing in a society and culture that requires excessive sitting and prides itself on its productivity, which demands long hours spend indoors under artificial light in cubicle cities that exact isolation and hold us prisoner to maladaptive sensory input and stressors. Those effects can include lethargy, lack of motivation, fear-based decision making, chronic pain, and/or depression.

The meditation was recorded live in 2014 during Yoga as Medicine III (module 15) on the beaches of the southernmost tip island of the Outer Banks in Emerald Isle, NC.

The ideal time to perform this meditation is 30 minutes before sunrise, facing east.

The Meditation includes:

  • Seated or supine comfortably on the Yoga Couch
  • Breathing techniques, including Abdominal/Deep Breathing, Ujyaii (overcoming breath), kapalabhati (skull cleansing breath), and bhastrika (bellows breath) pranayama.
  • Sun salutations
  • Nauli “light” – light guided dynamic abdominal massage
  • Hand postures, includingAnjali mudra (palms together as in prayer hands)
  • Focusing on breath awareness and deep abdominal breathing for improved empowerment, confidence, ventral vagus circuit function, oxygenation, energy levels, and neuroendocrine regulation.
  • Chanting “AUM” (Om)
  • Singing bowl

Optional equipment needed can include:

  • Yoga mat
  • Two Mexican blankets folded in three tier approach, known as the “Yoga Couch
  • Eye bag to cover eyes if preferred