Guided (Short Version) of Light Meditation

View from morning meditation Summer 2014

View from morning meditation
Summer 2014

Guided (Short Version) of Light Meditation

Join Ginger for this 8 minute guided breath practice and morning meditation focusing on deep abdominal breathing and  a short version of Ginger’s “Light Meditation.” The meditation was recorded live in the maritime forest on Bogue Banks, the southernmost tip island of the Outer Banks in Emerald Isle, NC. 

The Meditation includes:

  • Three Tier Approach, known as the Yoga Couch,  Seated, or Supine meditation (corpse/relaxation pose).
  • Breathing techniques, including Abdominal/Deep Breathing
  • Hand postures, including Anjali mudra (palms together as in prayer hands)
  • Focusing on breath awareness and deep abdominal breathing for improved empowerment, confidence, parasympathetic nervous system function, oxygenation, energy levels, and neuroendocrine regulation.
  • Learning overcoming or victorious breath (ujyaii pranayama) for increased oxygen saturation and vital capacity beyond what regular abdominal breathing can offer.

Optional equipment needed can include:

  • Yoga mat
  • Two Mexican blankets folded in three tier approach, known as the “Yoga Couch
  • Eye bag to cover eyes if preferred

Note: The 6’20” mark “white noise” is actually a small breeze that the microphone picked up. Mother Nature was speaking!